Mother World: Her mysteries to break the chains │Christian Ortíz.

We live in a time of confrontation of great truths, where the spiritual and the political converge from the individual and collective conscience. The flourishing of the Goddess movement of the 70s brought the opportunity to make a spiritual and social rereading of the power of women and the sacred feminine in patriarchal culture. The Goddess reemerged as an archetype, political symbol, and spiritual force in the world. In the 21st century we can claim the denied power of the Goddess, She has never stopped walking in the world, She is the world.

She has been hidden, chained, denied, trafficked, nullified; but the indomitable spirit of what in our culture has been called feminine, is much greater than any oppressive or colonizing system. She, like women and everything «feminine» cannot be devastated, She continually returns, it has always been like this and it will always be this way. She is the truth and the temple below the temple.

The systematic war against women is real, the persecution and the inquisition have changed forms, but essentially it is the same. Its malicious objective has been to «tame» women and, if not succeeded, destroy them. The survivors are transformed into monsters or are erased from history. They cannot erase the spiritual power of the Goddess.

Our Goddess has used so many names and garments, but even in this time She is still seen by most as a simple myth (not in the real sense of the word, but as a lie or children’s tale), something evil and destructive, or a simple metaphorical speech. She touches the mythical, the artistic, the religious, the social, etc. She is in all those spaces, no category limits Her, She is unlimited.

What we have done to women and to the earth we have done to the Goddess, our only way of integrating Her in the right place will not be by raising temples and re-creating liturgies; Her power will be manifested in the freedom of the bodies and souls of girls, women and everything we call feminine.

We are called to return to the Goddess in Her multiple cultural and religious manifestations, Her symbols are spiritual bridges to create new ways of relating to the body, the earth and others. It is useless to create altars to the Goddess, if we despise and hurt women and all of life, we are the temple.

The uncomfortable truths have come to light and today we can affirm that the exploitation of women and girls, the exploitation of the land and the ecological devastation to sustain the elite at the top is real; so far from Her, so disconnected, so lost, so close to extinction.

Great truths cannot be anyone’s monopoly, throughout history, multiple cultures, traditions and religions have observed deep truths, they are present in the perennial wisdom. Goddess hides in their metaphors, legends, rites, cults and other human manifestations; She is the mystery behind the mysteries, She is the ANIMA MUNDI, our Sacred Mother, the voice of the earth.

I share some mysteries kept in simple truths. Our Sacred Mother is always in the obvious, She is Nature.


The mystery of life is gynecological, we are part of a fruitful garden where nothing is bigger and nothing is smaller. The unhealthy hierarchy is part of the patriarchal culture, it denies Goddess and turns us towards the exploitation of the earth and other beings. In an ecosystem, every being is of vital importance for the maintenance of balance. In Goddess we all are important and sacred, Her spirit reveals this to us through the natural laws of life support.


She is the great spider woman who weaves and unravels reality, in Her divine web everything exists and is interconnected. When we understand Her mysteries beyond the mind, beyond speeches, we will never be alone again. She is a weaver, we live, die and are reborn in the sacred fabric.


She is not a sugarcoated stereotype of kindness, tenderness, and compassion, those are just stereotypes of the feminine, and they have been reinforced to oppress women. Her nature is beautiful, She is the great transformer. In Her bosom death is life, life is death. Our bodies and spirits are on a continuous journey of integration and disintegration, there are no endings, only doors that close, while others open. She is the mystery of eternal life that mutates and acquires new clothes.


Nature endows us with mobility and cyclicality, not even the dead stay still. There is a universe of cycles that even in what seems dead, is in continuous movement. The moon and the cyclical nature of the sea bring us closer to the dancing mystery of the world. We live in a beautiful dance that operates in many dimensions. No one can get out of its influence and rhythm. If we learn to enjoy its sacred movement, our lives will be more fruitful and blessed, if we don’t we will create suffering. She does not punish or control anything, you are neither irrelevant, nor relevant, you are simply aligned to Her sacred rhythm or not. The spiritual ego driven by patriarchal traditions makes us believe that the divinity is punishing or rewarding us as little beings in training. The world is much more complex and beautiful than that narcissistic and childish vision in which we were raised. It’s not about earning divine favors, it’s about syncing up with Her rhythm.


She is not limited to a space / time, therefore, no figure, symbol or name encloses Her totality. From an inter-religious and cross-cultural vision we understand that the divine cannot be enclosed in a single human manifestation. She is presented from diversity, She is colorful and variable like nature. Her names and forms are bridges for our human understanding, we create affinity according to our cultural and personal characteristics and deep needs. If we understand this, we will stop discriminating and trying to change the spiritual and cultural code of other people. There are Blonde Goddesses, Brown Goddesses, Red Goddesses, Yellow Goddesses and Black goddesses. They are all beautiful because they are a reflection of their daughters and sons. No one should be mistreated and discriminated against if we understand the mystery of Her names, which is why She has so many. She is a spiritual, political, psychological and cultural reminder of the value of diversity.

I want to remind you of some of Her names:

Mami Wata reminds you of the power of what is Black and beautiful. The dignity of the African diaspora and Her love that has transcended along with Her sons and daughters. They couldn’t destroy Her holy presence. Her skin color is Black and She is beautiful and no one else should ever hurt Her loved ones. Mami Wata, the great transatlantic slave voyage did not extinguish your flame, you live in our hearts!

Diana reminds you of the great power of women together. She walks in feminist marches and goes against rapists and aggressors. They cannot destroy the power of the circle, She unites and sustains them with love and strength for all. Diana you live in our hearts!

Coatlicue reminds you of the indomitable spirit that cannot be killed. She has risen with Her titanic strength and has said NO to the conqueror. It is the temple below the temple. She is reborn and emerges from the earth with the memories of the peoples, She is a link with our past and dignity. Never again feel ashamed for being Brown, never again kneel before the aggressor. Mother Coatlicue lives in our hearts!

Kwan Yin reminds you of the healing power of compassion. She washes your wounds and makes you look at the scars with self love and compassion. She says stop the toxic critic inside and outside of you. You are not guilty of everything that happens. The world is a better place when compassionate tears cleanse our wounded view of the world. Kwan Yin is in our hearts!

The Goddess and multiple names, colors, shapes and voices is in our hearts… and in the world!

She is always calling us, She does not live in a single tradition, in a single temple, even less in a book. Her sacred book is the silent manifesto of nature and Her rhythms, Her prayers are fair and dignified treatment for all Her children.

Our Goddess-centered spirituality is part of a complex and beautiful movement that can be the prelude to a planetary change. Our mother calls us into Her arms, our lady claims Her power, our Goddess is in the world!

With love and respect to my sisters, mothers, classmates and teachers. To the Goddess, the one who lives in the eyes of all women and girls.May we return to MOTHER WORLD.

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Translation: Rev. Laura Gonzalez.
Art: Aura Torres.


Rev. Christian Ortiz, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Master in Comparative Religions, PhD in Philosophy of Religion, Priest of the Goddess and Coordinator of the Fraternity of the Goddess, Kourete of the Dianic Tradition. He is a member of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI), Lecturer of the Goddess Conference, Certificate in Gender Awareness (INMUJERES), Certified specialist in Attention and Prevention of Violence. Host of the SABER SANAR podcast.



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